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World Cup Contender? The Emerald City Is A Top Contender For Soccer

You are currently viewing World Cup Contender? The Emerald City Is A Top Contender For Soccer
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In case you haven’t noticed, the FIFA men’s World Cup is imminent for North America. Specifically in 2026. The reason why is that the World Cup is coming back to the United States. The very exciting thing about it is that the sporting event itself is on a global stage. It’s more than just a game. It’s a lifestyle. And of course, your fellow Washingtonians will want to get involved. Which is why there’s a high likelihood of the 2026 men’s World Cup making a stop in town. Additionally, to US states, the World Cup is also primed to partake on fields in both Canada and Mexico. That must be what enticed FIFA to choose the United States over Morocco, the competing offeree.

FIFA is currently choosing cities to host games and Seattle is a likely stop.

Granted, nothing is for certain as FIFA is being very careful so as to re-up it’s reputation from how they got screwed for corruption and scandal. And yet, the likelihood of Seattle to host the World Cup in one of it’s many matches is still up there. Another benefit of the 2026 men’s World Cup is that there may just be doubly the amount of teams competing. Forty-eight of them over the usual thirty-two. In which case, a whole slew of venues will be necessary. However, not everyone is on board with that entire idea. For instance, Carlos Cordeiro, the former U.S. Soccer president, believes it to be a “high-class problem.” It’s not great that it’s more competitive but it matters to get it right to choose from a wide array of high-profile cities. And of course, the Lumen Field of The Seahawks themselves believe that the lack of grass.

It’s the only stadium that has this problem really. And while that’s concerning, it’s manageable. So to say otherwise is impossible.

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