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West Seattle Businesses Displaced by Transit Development

You are currently viewing West Seattle Businesses Displaced by Transit Development
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The push for enhanced public transport in West Seattle instigated by Sound Transit’s West Seattle Link Extension Project is compelling local businesses to uproot their establishments. The ambitious infrastructural endeavor, which will extend light rail service to the Alaska Junction neighborhood, is slated to reshape the area’s commercial landscape.

Erin Rubin, owner of Mode Music Studios and a fixture of the West Seattle community, expressed appreciation for the locale but revealed the stark reality facing her business. However, the anticipated demolition of their current home necessitates finding a new location where they can continue their operations.

The West Seattle Link Extension is a segment of a more extensive transit expansion ratified by voters in November 2016, aiming to saturate the region with accessible public transportation options.

Rubin voiced concerns about the scarcity of suitable commercial spaces and perceived inadequacies in Sound Transit’s assistance efforts. “Sound Transit really failed us,” she lamented, reflecting the difficulty in securing a new space that caters to their specific needs.

Despite the ongoing environmental review process and acquisitions not expected until late 2024, Rubin underscored the urgency of locating an appropriate venue that prevents an operational hiatus.

In retort, Sound Transit delineated their commitment to facilitating smooth transitions for displaced businesses.

West Seattle’s local businesses face a period of uncertainty and transformative challenges as the Link Extension Project progresses towards the physical reshaping of their district.

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