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”We Are Not Going to Stop in Any Way Shape or Form”: Seattle Hiker is Missing

You are currently viewing ”We Are Not Going to Stop in Any Way Shape or Form”: Seattle Hiker is Missing
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The woman named Samantha ‘’Sam’’ Sayers went missing on Aug.1.


28-year-old Sayers is an experienced day hiker, family says.


She was supposed to come back that night, but she didn’t return. Investigators found her car at the trailhead, 27 miles south of Darrington on the Mount Loop Highway in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.


According to a news release, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Ofice has been looking for a missing woman after three weeks of search in the North Cascades near Vesper Peak.


The investigation involved infra-red viewing helicopters, K-9 search teams, as well as search-and-rescue teams with help from other agencies.


The sheriff’s office told that there were volunteer searchers from around the state dedicated their time to help with the search process.


John Adams from Search and Rescue Stg. said they have done a lot of work to double check all the possible routes that a missing woman could have taken. Jon also mentioned that the volunteers and personnel have gone through risk due to the rugged, remote, and dangerous terrain.


Samantha’s family is doing everything possible to find their beloved family member. They hired private helicopters and a professional tracker. The family started to use funds and donations.


A GoFundMe page for the search has raised more than $39. 000  as of Thursday afternoon.


The Sheriff’s office stopped to search of the missing woman. But her family said they are not going to stop in any way shape or form.


The search for Sayers was one of the longest for the Sheriff’s Office in recent years.


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