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Washington Legislators Pursue Gun Bills For Effective Sale

You are currently viewing Washington Legislators Pursue Gun Bills For Effective Sale
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Once the Washington Legislature banned the sale of semiautomatic rifles in 2023, Washington was specifically listed as one of the top United States that would keep the strongest regulations.

Of course, gun safety advocates have a long way to go hadn’t quite finished their process in Washington. Furthermore, they are supposing to pursue new regulations throughout the 2024 session, even with a couple of proposals as they make their way over to the governor’s desk. Even one that could potentially require citizens to report the theft of a firearm all in 24 hours.

Legislature is thinking about utilizing many gun regulation proposals all through many sessions since 2016 as Governor Jay Inslee asking for an executive order calls for a public health

According to the federal level of the CDC’s own calculations, Washington had about 896 gun deaths all in 2021, or more specifically, 11.2 per 100,000 people, all showing as a 71%increase above 522 gun deaths in 2000.

Meanwhile, the figures from the Washington Office of Financial Management display that from 2017 to 2021, there has been an average of 852 Washingtonians would die every year from firearms.

House Bill 1903 will be useful to report stolen guns right away while House Bill 2118 is specifically helpful for gun dealer security measures.

Specifically the House Bill 1903 would report a stolen firearm would show for a civil infraction not quite a criminal one, all with a likely fine of up to $1,000. The bill is likely to ask for police to enter the missing firearm towards the national database of lost firearms.

The hearing on February 19th before the Senate Law & Justice Committee stated how detailing various robberies of firearms were paled in comparison to reporting it back to the police. 16,000 firearms had been taken yet only 25% were lost and stolen firearms are reported to the police.

Various gun bills will be talked about a lot in the weeks before the legislative session, such as Senate Bill 5985 which will alter the Washington State Patrol’s background check. Plus, there’s also the Senate Bill 6246 that could ask for a court to stop a person that could show incompetent to face trial from being able to own a firearm. Not quite a gun regulation, the House Bill 5790 had been sponsored by Dhingra as it would require school districts to retain control equipment and automated external defibrillators for every school campus.

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