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Volkswagen Golf GTI Has More Tech With No Manual Transmission

You are currently viewing Volkswagen Golf GTI Has More Tech With No Manual Transmission
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If you don’t already know, Volkswagen is bringing back their beloved Golf GTI hatchback in anticipation for 2025. h controversial part about the press release is that while the interior will receive a major upgrade in infotainment technology as well as tweaks of styling via the front and rear, a bigger change is actually occuring under the hood, where the revised model will operate on Automatic Transmission and no longer require manual transmission.

Volkswagen is very proud to show-off an updated version of the Golf GTI at CES, and it’s likely that the revised model is to arrive in the United States, just in time for the 2025 model year. A new infotainment screen, along with a ChatGPT-powered voice assistant and even revised taillights are also on the table.

Of course, because there won’t be an option to utilize it anymore with manual transmission, it makes some consumers question whether or not they really want the vehicle in the first place.

The camouflage is certainly entrancing however.

Just look at how distracted you are by the front and rear-end design. Who needs the extra boost of power that comes in the form of different transmission, when the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission with the turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four will in turn offer more horsepower than the modern GTI’s offering of 241-horsepower output, just to make the blow a little less intense.

Many changes that are to come to the all-powerful Golf R hatchback are also said to be fundamental. Of course, the variants show for growth from the standard-issue Golf hatchbacks, directed from the North American lineup, when the Mark 8 model had then arrived for the 2022 model year. In the eyes of the consumer, this is all very impressive. Needless to say, the Volkswagen brand’s flagship darling is sure to stun by the hundreds.

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