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Unveiling Volkswagen’s 2025 ID Buzz Lineup: What to Expect

You are currently viewing Unveiling Volkswagen’s 2025 ID Buzz Lineup: What to Expect
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As anticipation builds for Volkswagen’s retro-futuristic ID Buzz electric van, set to hit showrooms later this year, enthusiasts are eager for details. While the exact pricing remains elusive, Volkswagen has generously provided insights into the trim levels of the 2025 ID Buzz. Let’s delve into what each variant offers.

ID Buzz Pro S: The Entry Point

Starting with the ID Buzz Pro S, Volkswagen promises a well-equipped ride featuring standard 20-inch wheels, a hefty 91-kWh battery, and a spacious 12.9-inch touchscreen. Essential modern conveniences such as wireless device charging and electronic parking assistants are also included. The Pro S model comes with rear-wheel drive and a single electric motor, accommodating up to seven passengers with its second-row bench seat.

ID Buzz Pro S Plus: Enhanced Performance and Comfort

For those craving more power and versatility, the Pro S Plus trim beckons. Opting for this upgrade introduces dual-motor all-wheel drive, boosting total output to an impressive 335 hp. The Pro S Plus offers the flexibility of choosing between a second-row bench seat or a pair of captain’s chairs, albeit with a seating capacity of six with the latter. Additional perks include an expanded parking camera system, a head-up display, and a premium 700-watt harman/kardon audio setup. Notably, the Pro S Plus flaunts a Euro-style manually retractable tow hitch and options like a panoramic sunroof and the convenient Flexboard for a customizable cargo space.

ID Buzz 1st Edition: A Limited Special

Enthusiasts eyeing exclusivity should set their sights on the ID Buzz 1st Edition, available only at the van’s launch. Mirroring the Pro S Plus, it offers both rear- and all-wheel drive configurations. Exclusive features like special floor mats, unique 20-inch wheels, and a striking two-tone paint job set this edition apart. Inside, the “coastal” light-colored “Dune” interior scheme exudes a distinctive charm. Loaded with premium amenities such as a panoramic sunroof and the Flexboard, the 1st Edition promises a truly special driving experience.

Customization Options and Pricing

Volkswagen enthusiasts will appreciate the array of customization options available for the ID Buzz, including various paint colors and interior schemes. Two-tone paint choices add a dash of personality, while monochrome options cater to classic tastes. As for pricing, Volkswagen plans to announce details closer to the van’s release, with expectations hovering around the $60,000 mark. While the company vows to combat price gouging, demand is likely to outstrip supply initially.

Looking Ahead

While specifics on pricing and range are forthcoming, Volkswagen assures potential buyers of competitive range figures between 220 to 260 miles, depending on the configuration. With its blend of retro charm and modern innovation, the 2025 ID Buzz lineup promises to captivate both nostalgic souls and eco-conscious drivers alike. As the countdown to its release continues, anticipation mounts for the electric van that’s set to redefine travel in the 21st century.

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