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Trader Joe’s goes nationwide with an Emerald City Hourly Increase

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Trader Joe’s has announced on its website increasing the “thank you” pay from $2 an hour to $4 an hour. This is “in recognition of the outstanding, inspiring work they do every day, in our stores and communities.” This comes a week after the Seattle City Council unanimously voted to mandate a $4 an hour hazard pay for grocery store frontline workers.

 Trader Joe’s Local Bumps in Pay

In fact, the company didn’t outright specify on its site that the move is because cities like Seattle did lead the way.

Yet an in-store flyer from company executives to employees pointed to the local bumps in pay. This is part of their thinking behind the temporary increase.

Washington Led the Way

A few cities like California and Washington where it was occurring have been part of the determination as to why such actions would be unfair for all stores through the company, the letter read.

Trader Joe’s is Getting Kudos from Local Politicians

Moreover, local politicians that did push for the change are happy with the company’s move. 

Strong Labor Politics Benefit the Entire Economy

In fact, our labor standards, from the $15 minimum wage, to paid sick leave, and now hazard pay for grocery workers are very significant indicators that robust labor policies benefit the entire economy, said Seattle Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda. She is the main sponsor of the hazard pay bill.

County Level and Hazard Pay

Therefore, the King County Counselor Girmay Zahilay said he would “love to do something on the county level.” This is regarding hazard pay for grocery workers. But, however, is first looking into the county’s jurisdiction and policies regarding that area.

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy about the government-mandated hazard pay.

The local chain PCC Community Markets has in fact wrote a letter to Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan. However, they are asking for her to possibly consider the impact on businesses like theirs. In fact, those have a small profit margin in comparison to larger-name competitors.

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