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Tiny House Village: Seattle Volunteers Give Back to the Community

You are currently viewing Tiny House Village: Seattle Volunteers Give Back to the Community
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The city of Seattle is doing wonders! It is giving back to the community and helping homeless women with the new village plan.

A team of volunteers helped put together a village that consists of tiny houses for homeless women seeking shelter.


One of the volunteers who helped build these tiny houses is Linda Uno, a retired teacher. She had taken woodshop class in high school and used those skills to build the houses with all the other volunteers.

Most of the volunteers were women.


Melinda Nicholas, a carpenter that has been in the business for over 45 years also helped with the flooring of these tiny houses. She said, “What tiny house villages make me think of is what a real community does to create a community.”


This village is funded and managed by the Low Income Housing Institute. The institute is offering about 20 women to stay in these homes temporarily. Pregnant women, same-sex couples, post-partum and senior women are all welcomed to stay in the tiny houses.

Alcohol and drugs are allowed. However, it is only allowed in the homes.


The volunteers have placed baskets on each porch which consists of toiletries and some other supplies. Inside, there is a bed and shelves, as well as a small window.

All of the houses have been hand-painted by the women who volunteered.


Everything about this village grasps a lot of by passers’ attention. The colorful doors, the welcome mats outside the doors, the mural. It all looks very appealing.

There is also a laundry facility in the village and a mural as well.


The volunteers are excited and proud of the great job they have done to provide shelter for those in need.

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