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Things You Need To Know About Your Car’s Warranty

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Purchasing a vehicle from a specific dealership does not mean you have to go back to that dealership when dealing with anything related to your warranty.

Federal law states that you have the right to get inspections and service wherever you like. Vehicle manufacturers and dealers might convince customers that it is better to go with them but they require the customer to take their vehicle to any specific place.

Vehicle inspections and Maintenance

Getting you vehicle inspected and maintained is the most important part in having a vehicle in good condition and keeping a warranty. Your vehicles owner’s manual lists maintenance requirements based on mileages and how long you have had the vehicle. The warranty on your vehicle cannot specify a specific manufacturer for replacement parts. Most state and federal laws do require inspections for vehicles. An inspection has little to nothing to do with your car’s warranty. Multiple states mandate their residents to conduct regular safety inspections. As for other vehicles, the federal government may require emission testing to be completed at a government approved inspection site.

What is not included in the Warranty?

The purpose of a warranty is to protect you when your car has an issue related to manufacturing. So, if someone hits your car and damages it, it will not be covered by warranty. Also, if a mechanic replaces a part incorrectly causing further damage, it will not be covered.  Repair receipts are a very important thing to keep because the dealer might require them when a warranty repair is scheduled.

Who can assist me with warranty repair?

Any shop that is approved by the manufacturer of the vehicle which is usually a dealer can assist you with a warranty repair.  The dealer you choose does not have to be the exact dealer the car was purchased from. This is because the manufacturer is paying for the parts and work, they pay the dealer directly.


Warranty or Service Contract

Warranties are very frequently confused with service contracts. An example of a service contract is like a General Motors Protection plan which you will need to report to a dealer to get a repair that is covered by the plan. If you want the repair to be done at no cost, it is best to take it to an approved repair site.

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