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The Best Summer Destinations in Seattle

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Mount Rainier as seen from Seward Park.
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Seattle is a lovely city in the summer. The clouds finally part, the weather warms up, and Seattleites finally get to enjoy the lush greenery and beautiful lakes. There are so many great places to get out and enjoy the sun that it may be difficult to decide where to go. So, to help you plan your ideal Seattle summer, here are our favorite destinations in the city.

Gas Works Park

Gas Works is probably the best place to get a lovely view of the city. You can sit by the water and watch the boats and seaplanes on Lake Union go by endlessly. You can play frisbee or just run around a bit in the hills and open fields. And there’s always something happening at Gas Works. From drum circles to fire dancers, the entertainment is plentiful and free. This park is simply one of the best hangout spots in Seattle.

Seward Park

South Seattle’s Seward Park sits on a peninsula that juts out into Lake Washington. It is an excellent place to relax and enjoy a lazy day by the lake. Seward offers lovely views of everything from Mercer Island to Mount Rainier, and its seclusion from the rest of the city adds to its relaxed vibe. A pedestrian path runs the perimeter of the peninsula, allowing for a lovely stroll if you want to move a bit. Seward is one of Seattle’s great relaxing summer destinations.

Alki Beach

Sometimes, we all want a little more of a classic beach experience than Seattle’s lakefronts offer. In West Seattle, facing the Puget Sound, Alki Beach is a great place to go for the day. While the West Seattle Bridge remains closed (it’s scheduled for reopening sometime this year), you can take a short water taxi across the Sound to get there from Downtown. Alki offers lovely sunsets, views of the city, and a beach-town vibe that you can’t get anywhere else in the Emerald City.

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