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Subaru Hints At The Impreza 2024

You are currently viewing Subaru Hints At The Impreza 2024
Subaru is leaving breadcrumbs of details regarding the 2024 Impreza.
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Plenty of automakers have jumped ship when it comes to compact vehicles. All because the more attractive idea is to appreciate a minimalist SUV. Additionally, noticing how the Ford Focus hasn’t existed since 2018. The Volkswagen at this point can only give off their best performances of the Golf in the GTI and R performance trims within the United States. Subaru traces it’s own future towards a familiar route themselves. All with the Crosstrek widely outselling the Impreza hatchback with astonishing numbers. 128,979 units vs. 25,490 units. All throughout October 2022. However, with Subaru driven to support the compact car, there’s a load of hints that they are dropping for the following generation of the 2024 Impreza, destined to make a whole debut at the 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show. There’s not much visible as tit can only touch upon the roofline visibility in the dark expanse. The drawing of the hatchback body style couldn’t be more impressive. Which is why they must call it the Impreza. It may even arrive exclusively with a hatch.

Since there’s already evidence of the next-generation of Crosstrek, there’s plenty more to expect from the 2024 Subaru Impreza.

With a width of design that can mimic the Crosstrek, there’s plenty of features to love. The tiny headlights, the wider taillights and the razor-sharp bodywork. All without the plastic body that clads the wheel arches and the bumpers. All with the expectation that the 152 horsepower and 2.0-liter four-cylinder that can carry over. All while the Crosstrek has a plug-in hybrid setup can mitigate over to the hatchback additionally. More details will reveal themselves on November 17th.

What more comes in the Subaru Impreza?

With much room for high-tech upgrades and even more features, there’s only more to lament when you cannot give a racecar more respect than just the title of a commuter-vehicle existence. In the modern lineup, one sees three sedans and four different hatchback trims. However, there’s no real indication that the sedan, being clued in as such could say that the Subaru Impreza is currently far from being either a disappointment or a thrill ride.

The STARLINK. That’s what.

It’s a multimedia system that utilizes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. These are all standard on the 2022 Impreza. All while hands-free smartphone operation can give allow for safe and easy connection towards your preferred applications and content. That way you’re able to reach all sorts of media through STARLINK applications and SiriusXM. there’s also a built-in and voice activated navigation system powered by TomTom technology, in addition to the 8-inch touchscreen.

Likely, this Subaru is going to introduce a whole-new generation to high-tech upgrades, restyled design and the ability to really show the world how strong the Impreza can keep you from danger that surrounds on the road. The truth is, the Impreza is likely the most innovative auto from Subaru’s lineup, so the fact that it’s such a secret can only mean there are more surprises in-store for the vehicle.

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