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Stay Metrics Goes To Tenstreet For Enhanced Resources

You are currently viewing Stay Metrics Goes To Tenstreet For Enhanced Resources
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Do you know anything about providing workflow solutions and driver-recruiting software for trucking and transportation? Well, in some cases, you probably don’t need to. Especially if Tenstreet is on your side. This company is looking to become even more powerful and comprehensive with both carriers and drivers. And now it looks like it has definite strength in acquiring Stay Metrics.

On a similar plane of existence, Stay Metrics is well-known for their driver-retention strategy solutions as well as their and metrics. Hence, the “Metrics” part of their name.

Stay Metrics is way better off this way.

News of this caliber is exceptional. The acquisition allows Stay Metrics to work together with parent company Tenstreet to allow for comprehensive services. We’re talking about a full makeover with retention, recruiting and infrastructure. There’s a big virtual “roof” to be found here. The two companies provide solutions a-plenty designed to assist clients in filling their trucks fast. The rates of retention is also allowing for longer drives.

Under the fine print, Stay Metrics continues to exist underneath Tenstreet. They will also give offerings to add to Tenstreet’s product catalog. Clients from both companies are continuing with “business as usual” perspectives that the current account managers and teams will run with modern-day pricing.

Tim Hindes, the CEO of Stay Metrics has led the retention part of the organization while Fellow Tim, Mr. Crawford, the CEO of Tenstreet. It led the whole platform to easily incorporate the core services, such as marketing, onboarding, recruiting, safety and compliance. Plop retention on top and it’s a done-deal.

Tim Crawford likes to express enthusiasm regarding acquisition. Their team happens to be excited as the possibilities can now only be affordable by the aforementioned merger.

Additionally, drivers are benefitting from this merger. Tenstreet’s Driver Pulse is really helpful to find jobs while managing careers, and encouraging deeper engagement with carriers.

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