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Starbucks Workers Vote To Unionize To Disrupt Food Service

You are currently viewing Starbucks Workers Vote To Unionize To Disrupt Food Service
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All around the Capitol Hill location, there have been more votes to unionize as Seattle leads with the vote to push nationwide in order to better organize the popular coffee shop chain. In a unanimous vote, the National Labor Relations Board made an announcement that since Tuesday, baristas are looking to unionize within more than 100 stores.

The Starbucks store at East Denny Way and Broadway in the Capitol Hill neighborhood will turn into the one unionized company-owned store within Seattle and the seventh one in the country. This is whereabouts employees vote in favor of unionizing with Workers United. The latter is an affiliate of the Service Employees International Union.

There have been more employees looking forward to stores in other states, where there was one store at least that had voted versus unionization. Employees throughout several other Seattle spots are thinking of unionizing. About five have already filed petitions with the National Labor Relations Board.

Starbucks Employees Are Very Sure Of Themselves.

Workers althroughout the Capitol Hill area has been organizing because of improvements to healthcare coverage while also inserting input in company policies. They see unionizing as a “fundamental and necessary way to participate in Starbucks and its future as partners.”

However, these employees organizing the Capitol Hill store observe their win as a broad message. Food service work can be a little difficult to unionize, in part because of higher turnover among workers. This is also with jobs through low unionization rates.

Only 1.2% employees in “food services and drinking places” happen to actually be members of unions, as is noted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Sydney Durkin, an employee at the Capitol Hill location, has said the following.“In the past, maybe these were very transient jobs people only stayed in for a few years, but increasingly they are becoming people’s sources of income and livelihood. People in these positions are saying, ‘OK. This is what I’m doing. This has to be better than it currently is.’”

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