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Sheriffs Are Around Looking For A Stolen Boat That May Have Explosives

You are currently viewing Sheriffs Are Around Looking For A Stolen Boat That May Have Explosives
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Plenty of law enforcement agencies or Sheriffs are out there responding for transmissions and hostages and explosives. There have been some threats occurring for ferry routes. Meanwhile, law enforcement groups aren’t able to determine 32 inch boats designed to Argosy Cruise Companies.

They have been taken from a dock and landed in the water inbetween Marrowstone Island and Bush Point. There was also a man who helped in custody as well as hostages of explosives on board.

This type of occurrence is dangerous when you really think about it. Who has bombs on a boat anyway? There has been an issuing of news from the Island County Sheriffs. There has been a transmission of mornings receiving from the marine channel of sixteen. This was from a vessel underway with hostages and some dangerous bombs on board. There have been threats created versus the ferry routes.

In an investigation, there was a thirty-two-foot vessel taken from a dock. In that case, there have been multiple bomb sweeps commencing throughout the island.

Bombs are dangerous to have on boats. So really, the benefit of having sheriffs come out to find the boat with bombs, is that the bombs may not hurt anybody. The Sheriffs are looking for a stolen boat with bombs on-board for a reason. It’s all very necessary for the fact that Sheriffs are just

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