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Seattle Is The Second Best City To Catch Rare Pokemon

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Pokemon GO is taking over the world with an incredible speed. There are videos and vines from different cities showing crowds of people hunting another rare Pokemon – the sight that can be confusing and entertaining for those immune to the Pokemon GO madness or unaware of it. Pokemon made people actually go outside and walk for miles to catch a digital monster. There is so much buzz around this game that Yelp even added a feature showing if there is a PokeStop nearby. Now even the cities are competing for being the best to catch the rarest Pokemon, and Seattle is near the top.

Research Shows Seattle Has Some Great Rare Pokemon

So far, Seattle is the runner up, followed by New York. The winner is Los Angeles that has Kabutos and Chanseys. Seattle does not have Kabutos. However, we can boast about our Hitmonchans and Dratinis. Reportedly, you can also find Chanseys in Port Orchard and at Golden Gardens.

Wanderu conducted the research based on photos and videos from 250 American cities. The company attempted to count which of them has the most epic, mythical, and special Pokemon. This herculean task placed Seattle as America’s number two city for rare Pokemon, which makes sense. After all, Seattle has the kind of gaming culture that’s conducive to the game taking off.

If you happen to catch a Kabuto in Seattle, don’t hesitate to let the world know so we can beat Los Angeles and come first. Don’t forget to upload a picture or video, or your finding will not be counted.

Good luck catching them all!

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  1. Veronica LePikachu

    Pokemon is great!

  2. Mary_comments

    #CatchAPokemon! funny hashtag right?? That’s how it is!! POKEMON GO is a really sensation packed is very interesting and creates space for mental alertness.its all about playing mind games with the virtual pokemon I.e you think of what to do if that situation is to happen in real life. It also encourages the spirit of unity as people go out in groups to play the digital game….Just imagine! Cities are competing against each other here so it fosters the spirit of unity.and by the way did I mention that it is relaxing?

  3. David C

    Very interesting article. It’s great that Pokemon Go has taken off so quickly, and has gotten more people to go outside and exercise. Who’d of thought someone would research the best cities to catch Pokemon, but congrats to Seattle!

  4. Gen

    It’s cool to see how Pokemon Gos popularity has grown so fast. I mean talk about the exercise you get while catching those Pokemon.

  5. Ginger

    Wow! I knew this game was very popular, but I did not realize we were now going on road trips to catch the rarest Pokemon. I’m new to this world, as I play with my kids and they never tell me the secrets, I’m left behind. Now, I’m a little more educated than they are. Maybe I’ll plan a road trip without them and I’ll have caught better Pokemons than they have. Game on!!!

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