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Planned Spooks: Halloween Still Happening in Seattle

You are currently viewing Planned Spooks: Halloween Still Happening in Seattle
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Seattle, WA – Corona really is one of the scariest ghouls to come out of 2020. So naturally, we all need a break from worrying about the very real fear of dying and just embrace the fake monsters. And what better, harmless, time of the year to do that during than Halloween?! Washington is awash with all sorts of dangers, from protest fatigue to an improper police force. But the biggest crime would be not allowing people to enjoy themselves in some sort of safe form.

Like, pumpkin patches are still a thing! Don’t you remember pumpkin patches? Before every Halloween, my mom, dad, brother and sister and I would go to a pumpkin patch and take pictures with gourds we wouldn’t buy. And you know what? I hated it. I thought it was so corny – no pun intended. But as time went by, and I moved away from my family, I’ve come to miss these small memories because of the eventfulness. Not of the pumpkins but my family’s reactions to said vegetables.

So if you’re in Emerald City this month, take a gander at some low-risk activities to enjoy with your friends or family.

Halloween Trains on Chehalis Centralia

Join the bumps in the night for a frightful ride on the Chehalis Centralia Railroad. Any cheeky costumes you might have are all welcome to wear in a costume contest. The excursions take place on October 24th, 31st and 25th at noon and 1:30 pm. These are more for families. Those 21 years of age and older will experience it at 5 pm and 7 pm on October 30th.

Hocus Pocus Drive-In Movie

Gig Harbor is holding a showing of the popular Hocus Pocus film. This is sponsored PenMet Parks event. It will take place at 5:30 pm on October 9th. Pre-registration is something you should consider, however, because this event might sell-out fast.

Rustic Cork Wine Bar Prohibition Party

Wear a costume from the prohibition era and prepare to stay six feet apart because the Rustic Cork Wine Bar will be allowing the folks to access enhanced sanitization in style. Food and beer specials will be especially prepare but be warned. On Hallow’s Eve and Halloween, 50% capacity is all that’ll be seen.

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