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Seattle Father Lost His Daughter in Paris Attacks

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Nohemi Gonsalez
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129 people were killed in terrorist attacks in Paris. One of those people was a Californian college student whose father lives in Seattle. Reynaldo Gonsalez is still shocked by the tragedy and the way everything has happened.

Daughter was Killed in Paris Attacks

Nohemi Gonsalez’s father was at home in Seattle on November, 13, watching a soccer game that was happening at the Stade de France. The explosions of the suicide bombers were heard during the broadcast. Nohemi was not at the game, though. She was in the restaurant that was under another terrorist attack. She died in the hospital after being caught in the crossfire.

Reynaldo got a call from his niece telling him about what happened. He could not believe it at first, in his own words, he thought it was some kind of terrible joke.

At the same time, his friend Flor Guzman was in Paris as well. She was near the Bataclan Concert Hall during the terrorist attack. She ran to the metro tunnel as she realized it was not anything like a riot but something really dangerous was going on.

Reynaldo was trying to find out what happened to his daughter. He tried calling the embassy and the consulate, and the next day FBI came and told him about Nohemi.

Still in Paris, Flor Guzman was looking through the pictures of victims online. She saw Nohemi among these people wad was shocked. Reynaldo can’t comprehend how people can kill other innocent people so mercilessly.

Nohemi Gonsalez was a student at college at California State University in Long Beach. She was studying design in Paris as an exchange student. She was the only American known to have died during attacks in Paris. According to the FBI, it may take weeks before her body is returned in the United States.

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  1. Ann

    My heart just absolutely hurts over what happened. I just feel so scared for my kids, and the future. Prayers go out to all the victims and their families. Please cherish every moment you have with your loved ones, as you never know what can happen.

  2. Brenda

    The truth is, unfortunately, that the events of Paris were a confirmation of something we’ve always known, which is that human beings can do great depravity when given the opportunity. And so I think, in some ways, theologically, what happened in Paris doesn’t, unfortunately, change that much in terms of the way we think about prayer and ritual and evil in the world. Pray for the victims in Paris because they’re the victims of the same terror Syrians and Iraqis, Libyans and Algerians, Malians and Senegalese, Lebanese and Palestinians and many others suffered from the French involvements in sponsoring terror and occupation there. Pray for Paris to fight terror but not by killing more civilians thousands of miles away. If the French people really want to stand against terrorism they have to start questioning their own government’s role in sponsoring terror in Syria and Iraq.

  3. Linda

    My thoughts are with you. I’m so sad to hear this awful news.

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