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Schools Looking Suspend 142 Buses Due To Shortage Of Bus Drivers

You are currently viewing Schools Looking Suspend 142 Buses Due To Shortage Of Bus Drivers
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Once again, we have something to blame COVID-19 for: Co-operation, or lack thereof. Monday happens to be a deadline most prominent. For schools and their school district employees in order to demonstrate that they are all totally vaccinated versus COVID-19. And yet, the drivers themselves have been less than compliant.

As a result, the school district let parents know. “Inconsistent bus service is disruptive at many levels and we’re doing our best to make sure that students can get to and from school safely and as close to on time as possible.” While some bus routes will resume their service as usual, these will essentially be for the minority demographics of the student body. Specifically, special education, homeless, foster and disability-inflicted children. In the meantime, the schools will be looking into identifying who else may qualify. As an at-risk student of losing the joys of education, due to this bus driver shortage.

Schools Are Feeling Stuck

In other words, the Schools are doing the best they can with what they have. The School details a lot of changes that they are trying to do in order to make the “back-to-school” initiative a lot safer for everyone involved. To the point where the schools are even going to send out follow-up letters to anyone who wants to know if their routes are continuing or potentially at-risk of being null and void. An additional service called “First Student” is a possible solution.

You see, it happens to be a third-party bus service that the Seattle Public Schools’ district can work with as a temporary fix to the staff shortage. This is all in the name of the greater good. Of course, schools are likely to be able to fix the shortage over time but this is a very unique situation that not a lot of staffers may be willing to find themselves at the opposite edge of.

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