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Samsara and EVgo Speed up Commercial Fleet Electrification

You are currently viewing Samsara and EVgo Speed up Commercial Fleet Electrification
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Samsara is a provider of internet of things (IoT) solutions. The company has announced a partnership with the public EV charging network EVgo. Moreover, it is going to help move forward the electrification process for its commercial fleet customers. Moreover, EVgo is going to be Samsara’s first electric vehicle partner in its Experts Marketplace. It is a network of certified implementation experts. This going to be part of the partnership.

Thousands of Customers Across North America

A data-driven IoT company with over 20,000 customers in many industries across North America and more is Samsara. Now, part of the goal of Samsara is to improve the efficiency and sustainability of operations for its customers. In fact, the company has developed the Connected Operations Cloud to help businesses to thus improve operating through data.

Electric Transition

The goal of Samsara is to help move the electrification process for all said fleets. The company will work with companies in the transportation industry. In fact, all the companies will help aid in making their customers’ electric transition more easily put in place.

EVgo comes in. As the largest public charging network in the U.S. that is powered by renewable energy, Samsara is hoping to utilize the network’s 1,900+ chargers across 34 states. That is in supporting the commercial fleet customers that provide service for.

The company has made its partnership with EVgo official. That is with today’s announcement.

Samsara and EVgo will Speed up Electrification

Samsara has just officially announced its partnership with EVgo as a resource. However, it would be for its 20,000 customers to move to a faster transition toward electric vehicles.

EVgo is now going to be the first EV partner to join Samsara’s Experts Marketplace additionally. It is a curated network of several tech companies that do specialize in system integration and implementation for fleets. The director of OEM product and ecosystem integrations at the company elaborates. His name is Christopher Mozzocchi.

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