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Ruled Murder-Suicide of Thai Students in Seattle

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SEATTLE, WA — The Seattle Times reported that the deaths of two female students from Thailand has been recognized as a ruled murder-suicide.


Kornkamol Leenavarat, 25, and her friend Thiti-orn Chotchuangsap, 32, were found dead in an apartment in Seattle’s University District on Tuesday.


The medical examination of the dead bodies revealed multiple stab wounds on the head and chest on one of the women.


The King County Medical Examiner’s Office later reported that 32-year-old woman fatally stabbed her younger roommate and then killed herself. Both women died on September 1.


The family members of Leenavarat filed a missing report on Saturday after getting no news from Leenavarat for several days.


Both women were Thai nationals. They met each other while attending Boston University.  Since March 2018, the two women started rooming and attending University of Washington.


The police reports that the younger woman is a member of a political family in Thanyaburi, which is a district located in the northeast of Bangkok.


The Seattle Police Department later confirmed that this incident referred to individuals only. It represented no risk to the broader community. It also mentioned that there is no other suspect at the moment.



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