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Rivian Promises New Improvements With The Latest Update

You are currently viewing Rivian Promises New Improvements With The Latest Update
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Rivian, being my favorite electric vehicle company, is introducing a whole bunch of brand-new features and improvements as well as good bug fixes, while the latest update carries on through. The whole point of this car is to beat out Tesla. Specifically because the car company is actually looking to improve upon it’s past mistakes.

For starters, the Rivian vehicle is invested in a redesign of Drive Mode.

This allows drivers to have a visual overview of the outside environment and the vehicle as well. With the Drive Mode selector, you are able to select from more than one drive modes. All including, Snow, Conserve, All-Terrain, Sport and even more, all on one tab. The off-road driving modes can be themselves listed through a separate tab, known as Quad-Motors models where trailers are able to get their own.

Rivian even introduced a brand-new Gauge View in order to give real-time visualization for information that may be very pertinent to the driver.

Such examples involved motor temperature and tire pressure. Also, when you use this feature, it’s easy to show speed, efficiency and total energy used overall. Even as you tow, the Drive Mode application lets you use the optimal mode for the trip ahead. All while based on terrain, road conditions and even more.

There are even trailer profiles that Rivian is giving users through the update.

There are at least three different trailer profiles that enable the vehicle to best track the impact on range, all depending on weight and trip data. Furthermore, the range estimates are vastly improved, even while you just tow with any of the Rivian vehicles. The car will be all-knowing and constantly store infor through a trip as it displays range estimates on the instrument cluster.

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