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Public Schools Ban Student body From Using ChatGPT

You are currently viewing Public Schools Ban Student body From Using ChatGPT
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In the state of Washington, Public Schools are more and moreso finding themselves the victims of a student body that tends to cheat. Case in point, a whole swath of Seattle Public Schools are discovering that their own students are cheating on all sorts of assignments ordained upon them from school. This is via the latest fad, the artificial intelligence machine aptly called Chat GPT. This is a natural language chatbot from company OpenAI that is able to answer countless questions.

Of course, the channel has been able to generate quick responses for endlessly complex questions while also immediately creating content At the same time, there’s also fear that it is creating concern through educators with the worry that students may use the technology to do their homework. SPS has block technology that allows Chat GPT to be inaccessible on all devices used by the school. The technology should not be doing the children’s homework. That’s the bottom line.

The Public Schools’ spokesman, Tim Robinson, says that the district demands original thought from the students. Additional districts around the U.S. have blocked the website. However, some colleges and universities find trepidation to do this, simply because there could be further nuance to discover the benefits this technology has to offer. The new and emerging technology offers so much to higher-level learning students simply because therein lies a model for them to understand the process much better through plenty of research and concentration.

Robots shouldn’t be used like that!

ChatGPT isn’t able to be stopped from being used at schools because while devices on the lab computers may be restricted, there’s still the very valid fear that the technology can be accessed via smartphone. Plus, other competing chat bots may soon become available. Schools tend to treat ChatGPT the same way calculators are treated, by allowing it for some assignments and dismissing it from others.

Open AI and Microsoft are teaming up to actually detect plagiarism of copy ripped off by ChatGPT’s intellect. Such tools would be useful as they could tell whether or not a robot did a human’s homework.

As artificial technology becomes even more accessible, it is also becoming closer to godliness. Gone are the days where you need a human to do all the work. The very threat that humans can lose their jobs to the robots is now very likely. So the real concerns still remain… How secure are our jobs now?

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