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Protest Become Riot: 18 Arrested In Seattle

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Seattle, WA – The city is becoming increasingly more hostile as the protest for equality becomes more violent.

The city has been a hot spot for riots since the start of the protests 2 months ago. As an anti government movement swept through and destabilized a police precinct by setting fire to it. The block was shut down to traffic and saw a heavy force of armed police and national security.

“It wasn’t until the force was used that force was given back,” says an ANTIFA member who wishes to remain anonymous. “Our goal was to show that a community could come together without the necessity of government control.”

On Sunday night, a riot was declared by the state, and police with riot gear moved in to quell the upheaval.

At least 100 protesters gathered in Seattle Sunday to continue. At 7 pm they congregated peacefully. It wasn’t until 10 pm that someone set off an explosive which caused massive disarray.

One Protest Does Not Mean The Other

While this is currently underway, the standard BLM protests are continuing. For many, the actions of ANTIFA do not represent the actions of justice and equality for those who are killed within police custody.

“Our protests for equality are not the same as many others,” says resident John Stable. “We want the government to acknowledge that it needs to reform its policing procedures. We are not here to destroy buildings. Our goal is not to cause violence but to bring awareness. The purpose of our protest versus what is happening in other parts of the city is to ensure the world is a better place. We don’t want to destroy it.”

The country is continuing to fight for equality among minority communities. While many are continuing their efforts in a clam and collective manner, other parties such as ANTIFA are causing the riots.

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