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Perhach Book Launch: Seattle Author Shares Her Experience

You are currently viewing Perhach Book Launch: Seattle Author Shares Her Experience
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On August 14 Seattle author Paulette Perhach will release a book about the business of writing. With this book, she wanted to aspire writers to take their first steps in the industry.


‘’I wish I had used my entry-level job to master entry-level skills. It was awful. I had to clean the bathrooms to the tunes of Shania Twain, which my boss just loved.


She said she has regrets when it comes to learning at the skating rink at her entry-level job.


Seattle author told how she would calculate so that she gets to work 5 minutes late. She believes things would have been much different if she used every chance of getting to work five minutes early.


Perhach is a Seattle-based freelance writer who’s about to release a book “ Welcome to the Writer’s Life: How to Design Your Writer’s Craft, Writing Business, Writing Practice, and Reading Practice. The essence of sharing her experience is the belief that there are growth lessons to be learned from an entry-level job.

Here are a few ways to get there:


Focus on the fundamentals

Surprisingly, 60 percent of new graduate workforce lacked basic problem-solving and critical –thinking skills, and 46 percent highlighted sub-par communication skills, according to a PayScale survey of 2016.


Improving skills like working in teams, basic writing, relevant data analytics and a general knowledge of programs like Microsoft Excel are best practices that we are not born knowing. Learning those early will save time, says Perhach.


Create personal value

We all get into a work with the initial job descriptions. But most of the times the nuances of a position often extend beyond.


It’s very important to fill those gaps to become invaluable. Perhach says it’s best to think of yourself as a Swiss army knife. The one that has one blade and a little can opener sell for $20, and the one that has 20 different blades, and that’s because it can solve more problems.


VitalSmarts study shows that your efforts are not going to be unnoticed. The more you build up your skills, the more valuable you become. From that place, you can find another job.


Build a network

The most powerful source of growth potential in an entry-level job is your network of people. The bigger your network is, the more people you will know who will be interested in your skills.

Your true work will really show your true dedication. Having pride in your job is the better way to live, said Perhach.



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