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Northern Lights To Make An Appearance In The Washington Sky

You are currently viewing Northern Lights To Make An Appearance In The Washington Sky
Northern Lights are looking delightful this time of year.
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Have you ever looked up in the sky and seen a most amazing sight? Well, certainly, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is excited enough to show you. As it turns out, over the weekend, Washingtonians are going to see the Northern Lights. This is all because of a G3 storm becoming evident in the sky, caused by flare-ups on the Sun. Aurora Borealis is visible from the Washington-Oregon border, so says the NOAA or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It’s specifically creating a geomagnetic storm en route to really illuminate a positive vibe.

But what are G3s anyway?

A Geomagnetic storm happens whenever there’s a flare-up upon the Sun, as it shoot a coronal mass ejection, with a high-speed solar wind stream. Which then travels past Earth. This information comes straight from Astronomy North Northern Lights

As a result, the magnetic field of Earth then turns out to be unsettled. During which span of time, that the field can turn into a geomagnetic storm that will create voltage irregularities and false alarms with security devices. This comes in hot with hours of vibrant auroras. With the ejection having happened already, the particles are now floating over the Seattle area.

There are significantly higher chances of seeing the Northern Lights in the highest means within the South Puget Sound Area. Also around North Olympia. Some cameras are capturing colors that other’s can’t even see, since the f-stops can pick up way more light than anyone’s eyes can. Luckily, the skies are going to be very clear enough to see the whole spectacle.

Some experts speculate that the aurora will be most visible on Sunday. It’s likely going to be a delightful experience for all who watch the skies in hopes that the northern lights will stun and surprise the crowds.

Some tips to see Aurora Borealis!

Triple check where in Seattle would be the best spot to really watch the Northern Lights. And also be sure that the forecast has a clear sky up above. Also, make sure you avoid the full moon as that will not make for an easy time seeing the northern lights. The specific luminosity of that cheese-like orb in the sky can only make the process much harder. And nobody needs that when they are enjoying what the night sky has to offer you, your family and your friends.

Maybe, bring yourself some binoculars as well.

If you really want to be good at viewing the lights, make a point of setting out to sit outside for a few hours either after sunset or before sunrise. The whole point of it is allowing for enough lack of light pollution to properly see, observe and admire the Northern Lights. If you are something of an astronomer, you can go online to the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center website. It’s there that you can discover the specific location and intensity of the Northern Lights. And when you do understand it at long last, you may be very impressed.

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