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No Car in Seattle? Heres How To Get Around

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No car doesn’t necessarily mean no fun in the city of Seattle. With a plethora of various ways to get around, the city can be easy to navigate without a car. We put together a list of great options if you are currently “hoofin’-it” from place to place.


Everyone’s essential for traveling. Do you need to get to an interview? Or perhaps you’re meeting some friends for a beer over at “The Angry Beaver”. Either way, these two taxi apps are the quickest and safest way to get around the city.

Riding A Bike

Not the most practical, especially when Seattle weather promotes rain for about 9-months of the year, but its an option. The city itself is not over-reaching unlike a city similar to Los Angeles, so being able to get from point A to point B on your own is moderately do-able. This may take more than its weight in worth if you have to go far or even through bad weather.

Public Transportation

Pub-trans isn’t the best option, but its an option. The city of Seattle has spent a considerable amount of money to up the game of their public transportation systems. For the most part, you’ll be able to find a stop close to where you need to go. Although you may have to abide by the bussing schedule and sometimes it’s not the most timely way to get around, it offers the ability to actually get to your destination even if you have to make a day of it.

No Car? No Problem if You Got Friends

Sometimes your best bet is to have a handy set of friends. At any given point an emergency can come up, in which case, having a buddy to get you there in a pinch is a great option. Anywhere you go, and in any city, you’ll be able to snag a ride if your friends got your back. If they don’t, then maybe you need to rethink the important people in your life.

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