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New Road Diet Project Can Create Traffic Problems In Seattle

You are currently viewing New Road Diet Project Can Create Traffic Problems In Seattle
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The Seattle DOT has suggested a new project that will convert a major thoroughfare from four lanes to two lanes in West Seattle.


The goal of the project is to make roads safer lowering the speed limit and reducing the number of lanes. But Seattle drivers are concerned that the road diet will only cause more traffic problems.


There has already been one conversion on 35th Avenue SW, south of Holly Street, and there are one lane in each direction now and a center dual-purpose turn lane. The same scheme is planned for 35th north of Holly Street.


The citizens think that even though safety is important, but since the road diet has started, they have been concerned about the traffic situation in creates. As a result, two petitions have been created at proposing opposite points of view and encouraging people to either support the new project of the road diet or vote for removing the road diet and making things the way they have been before.


At this point most of the respondents think that the project will only create difficulties with traffic but DOT officials say that the changes have affected the safety in a good way and that is the most important thing.


The residents of Seattle would like to see pedestrian walkways and overpasses but as for now, SDOT aims for a cheaper solution.


The public outreach for the phase two of the road diet is scheduled to start in the next few days.

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    The people should obey traffic signs for their own safety, because safety is very important important.they should be regulatory bodies to address the situation of disobeying pedestrian rules.

  2. Nancy McKnabb

    Funny! Here is south Florida we constantly have widening road projects tearing everything up. You’re right Vivian… its people who obey or disobey and should be corrected. If the roads are made smaller would that not cause more traffic jams and mess?

  3. Suzanne J. Smith

    Yes, of course, the project will create huge traffic problems for the residents. So instead of looking for the cheaper solution DOT should facilitate the people. Reducing lanes will improve traffic security but the traffic problems will create even bigger problems like anxiety.

  4. Roland

    The road diet will cause more traffic problems and will even affect the people around there, instead of convert a major thoroughfare from four lanes to two lanes in West Seattle and aims for a cheaper solution, DOT should have find solution to people who obey or disobey pedestrian rules

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