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New Streetcar Transit System In Seattle

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The Seattle Department of Transportation showed off some of their railcars that will at some point become the Seattle Streetcar line. The railcars were parked throughout the city drawing people’s attention. It was called the First Hill Streetcar “Safety Day”. The streetcars are really quiet and there are no barriers separating them from other vehicles and pedestrians. The goal was to remind people that the streetcars eventually will be present in the streets.


The opening date for the project has not been announced yet. The original launch was scheduled for 2014 but was postponed due to various problems like late deliveries and the failure of fire-resistance test. The project now is on the final stages of testing. The transit line will run from Pioneer Square to Capitol Hall.

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  1. Betty

    Tens of thousands of people die in private vehicle accidents yearly. Transit is much, much safer.

  2. Victoria Gonzales

    I heard from one of my friends at Seattle, that Streetcar would open by the end of the year and by the sound of this article, with the final testing underway and many of the cars having completed their required hours, maybe it isn’t too far away.

  3. Kevin

    I don’t have these around where I love but they look interesting. It would take me some time to get use to them driving up next to me so it’s a great idea that they are placing them out to remind people. I have heard great things about the transit system, so I hope it works out great for Seattle!

  4. Lynn

    Yeah I’ve read somewhere that driving has the highest accident rates, so this transit hopefully will cut down on that. Love the color of the car, it makes it stand out. Happy to hear that they post poned due to failing the fire resistant test. Safety should always come first, so that’s a good start. 🙂

  5. Andrea Robinson

    I love the color. I also love the fact that it’s quiet (maybe like an electric car), but I fear that being too quiet might just be a safety hazard. I agree with the other comments that it’s great that they’re leaving it out for people to see and get used to, and also that they tested the resistance to fire hazards and other safety concerns.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed on behalf of the people of Seattle! I hope it works out and fills a very practical need.


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