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New Position of Deputy Director of Homelessness Will Bring Effective Solutions Of The Issue

You are currently viewing New Position of Deputy Director of Homelessness Will Bring Effective Solutions Of The Issue
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON- Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan created a new position of Deputy Director of Homelessness to expand homeless Navigation Team to align the issue.


Durkan said they work on creating a consolidated system with the governance structure, with authority and resources to address the homelessness crisis .


Durkan believes that addressing the homelessness is a critical priority.


The goal is to create a more accountable and effective solution to the crisis.


For that purpose, the Human Services Department has new leadership additions.


It would help to align the resources and staffing related to homelessness.


Deputy Director of Homelessness, Tiffany Washington, is being placed in the new deputy role.


Durkan took  $500.000 investments from King County and Governor Jay to grow the city’s Navigation Team of 30 people.


He hopes to increase this number to reach more people on the street.


Thousands of our neighbors sleep outside without shelter.  They have dangerous living conditions one can imagine.


Navigation Team connects these people with the City Services,  says Durkan.


In May 2018 the team organized a trash clean up around the encampments. 107.020 pounds of trash has been removed.


Who are the members of the Navigation Team? The team consists of trained police officers and outreach workers.


They try to engage people living in tents and move them into an authorized shelter. Most probably to a tiny village.


The team started its work with a 50 percent success rate. Due to hard work, nowadays the Navigation team made 7.300 contacts with homeless individuals.


Hopefully,   creating new leadership positions and expanding the Team will serve as a  solution to a significant homelessness problem.



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