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New EV Fords Soon to Have Access to Tesla Chargers

You are currently viewing New EV Fords Soon to Have Access to Tesla Chargers
EV Fords will soon have access to Tesla chargers.
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In our current political climate, transitioning as many things as we can to renewable energy has been a hot topic. In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we are actively working to find more energy sources that are better and safer for the environment. A commonplace many are looking to cut down on our carbon footprint is through electric vehicles. We have had things like hybrids and even fully electric vehicles for quite some time now, but it was not until more recent years that they truly grew in popularity.

Companies like Tesla widely popularized electric vehicles, so much so that Tesla car chargers make up one of the largest networks of chargers in North America. The only thing about Tesla chargers is that they are like Apple product chargers were for many years, entirely exclusive to the product. This is to say only Tesla vehicles have a port built in that matches the charger found at Tesla charging stations.

Tesla eventually opened up their charging ports to other electric vehicles. Other cars require an adapter that only sometimes would work properly and only works on some cars. This leaves a lot of people still limited in their electric car charging abilities.

Ford heard this issue and decided to make a change to fix it.

The American car company recently revealed that their 2025 electric vehicles will have the North American Charging Standard port. This will allow these Ford vehicles to be able to use Tesla’s superchargers and not even need to rely on an unreliable adapter.

While the 2024 Ford electric vehicle releases will not have this port built in, they will now have a port that functions well with the adapters and therefore still have access to the Tesla charging network.

It has not been released what exactly the agreement between Tesla entails, but it is highly likely that there is at least a profit-splitting agreement. There has also been an immense amount of pressure from the Biden administration for companies to push toward more electric energy sources. By agreeing to open up its chargers in this way, Tesla likely has earned itself some tax incentives.

Ford released a statement saying that they do plan to fully transition all of their North American electric vehicles to the North American Charging Standard ports by 2025 and have no present plans to include both the old port and this one.

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