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New Delivery Method Via Electric- Assisted Tricycles by UPS

You are currently viewing New Delivery Method Via Electric- Assisted Tricycles by UPS
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Seattle, Washington – As the traffic congestion is becoming a huge problem with the rise of e-commerce deliveries, such as Uber eats and Lyft, more vehicles are competing for limited parking lots.


As a solution to this huge problem, United Parcel Service has unveiled a new delivery method. It uses electric-assisted tricycles for delivers in the Pike Place Market area on a one-year trial basis.


The Cargo trikes feature trailers with detachable containers of up to 400 pounds, 95 cubic feet of space. The State Law permits riders to commute at the speed of 20 mph.


The tradition of employing people to make deliveries via bicycle dates the back the to early 1870s. Couriers were used in France to transport stock market documents.


In 2016 Amazon discontinued its experimental bike delivery of Amazon Prime. Among food –delivery services are Caviar and Postmates, who also hire bicycle couriers.


UPS is coming back to its tradition of 1911 to use electric-assisted trikes as a return to its roots.


Scott Philippi, a senior project manager with UPS, said the trikes give the opportunity to easily maneuver in tighter spaces.


The Seattle Department of Transportation develops the pilot project together with UPS. Riders will be trained to follow city ordinances.


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