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Municipal Court Excludes High Utilizers From Community Hearings

You are currently viewing Municipal Court Excludes High Utilizers From Community Hearings
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Have you ever known anyone that was likely to do a lot of crime in not a lot of time? Maybe they’re down on their luck and need some extra dough or perhaps all that extra dough has done nothing for them in therapy and they’re just way more than a reckless youth. That happens to be the bad rap that certain “repeat offenders” made for themselves. These “High Utilizers” are individuals that are, time-after-time, responsible for criminal activity, on a consistent basis. This is the knowledge held true by City Attorney Ann Davison. And she, for one, is sick of it.

Why is City Attorney Ann Davison tired of the fuss?

Her office began the High Utilizer Initiative way back in March. It’s purpose was to exponentially reduce the average high utilizer’s public safety impacts in such an ingenious way, they should make a movie about it. Davison would prioritize such cases in order to allow high utilizers the access to critical safety programs.

As a result, her office was able to I.D. 118 people charged with 1,019 charges of thievery, 589 charges of trespassing, 409 charges of assault and 101 charges of weapons violations.

Certainly, the court is on the defensive. It naturally disagrees, with the opinion that the Community Court hasn’t been constructive in it’s handling of the high utilizer individuals. They have a volatile nature. Since then, the court’s made this decision in order to preserve Community Court as an option to address non-violent misdemeanor cases.

What is this Community Court anyway?

Seattle Community Court had launched ages ago. Almost August 2020, actually, with the interest to assist individuals put to jail for lower misdemeanors. Through the program, it allows those well-meaning individuals to access services within the community, while avoiding jail sit-ins upon an impending court date.

Community Court is meant to accomplish the best means of warm handoffs in order to best serve the people who are closer to innocence. It seems like a good idea, as it can also help benefit people with mental health or substance abuse issues. Always good to be aware of how others are doing in the grand scheme of things. And Seattle, no matter how neighborly, has it’s own share of problems. So it’s best to just beat the man by befriending the misunderstood and locking up the dastardly, damned-for-good.

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