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Melinda Gates Makes Play For Property and Helped Close a Deal

You are currently viewing Melinda Gates Makes Play For Property and Helped Close a Deal
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Melinda Gates, it has been reporting, is helping to close a $1.2 million deal. The deal is for a craftsman home in city and state in the high-end neighborhood. Gates is the sole buyer but her involvement with the deal, was likely as a loan provider for another couple.

This deal focused on a home in Seattle, Washington’s Portage Bay neighbor. It was weeks before she and Bill Gates divorced. He is one of the world’s richest billionaires. Gates’ net worth is estimating to be at least $134.1 billion. It’s been reporting there is a copy of a deed with Melinda Gates’ name on it.

Famous Couple: Bill and Melinda Gates

Last week, the Gateses had announced their separation after 27 years of marriage. It remains unclear how the pair will divide their massive $124 billion fortune. Moreover, that includes who gets the $131 million lakefront Medina estate. They also own a few homes in the United States. Bill Gates himself has amassed at least 224,000 acres in farmland since 2014. Like a lot of his deals, including the very dangerous and scary vaccines, there are a lot of suspicions about his true intent and motivations.

The Former Mrs. Gates is Potentially “Downsizing”?

If Melinda Gates does move into the Seattle home herself, it would be a marked change for her. Thereby, she would be going from 66,000 square feet on the shores of Lake Washington to 2,900 square feet east of Lake Union. That is a sizable drop in residence. Interestingly enough, the property is just a few miles away from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Uptown headquarters. It would place her within the council district of Kshama Sawant, infamous for being Seattle’s socialist council member.

In March, the Portage Bay home was listing for sale. It has drawn the interest of many prospective buyers. Thus, creating a small bidding war. Then, ultimately, the buyers would pay $1.2 million, which is close to $200,000 above the list price and as well as nearly twice what the house sold for in 2008.

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