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Mayor Jenny Durkan Makes Proposal To Increase Police In 2022

You are currently viewing Mayor Jenny Durkan Makes Proposal To Increase Police In 2022
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The Mayor is proposing a budget that is able to be aided by brand new taxes. In an economy of federal relief. She may have her work cut out for her as it’s a long and difficult journey. She’s proposing $7.1 billion dollars as a budget to meet the goals that the Police Department. This would then restore the funding cut in half by the pandemic. Therefore, this would allocate federal dollars in the direction of affordable housing. As well as transferring funds for the sake of the homeless and allowing for a county-led authority to generate tax revenue from the largest businesses in the city.

Of course, there’s supposedly enough funding that will allow for 125 officers to be hirable for a net increase over the following year. Within this proposal, the department is looking to grow to 1,230 officers. Which may be short of the total 1,343 officers in the 2021 budget. Such a proposal is going to stop the ever-shrinking powers of the Police. This could even divide the lines between the mayor, council and activists everywhere, still looking for that cash to find a safehaven in some other place.

Mayor Durkan, on television, had a stoic response in the aftermath of COVID-19.

“To truly succeed, we must respond to the crises and look to the future. And that’s what this budget does.”

Most of the budget by Seattle is being consumed by basic functions usually off-limits to yearly cycles. In this case, the mayor and the council alike may have some solid sturdy ground to increase assistance. Being that the federal government doesn’t care to help, it takes relocating $300 million of the federal relief Mayor Durkan did get for her wonderful town.

The mandatory housing affordability program is also giving way to developers who want extra building height for affordable housing contributions.

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