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Mayor Bruce Harrell Addresses The Rising Prevalence Of Violence

You are currently viewing Mayor Bruce Harrell Addresses The Rising Prevalence Of Violence
As it turns out, there's been an increasing rise of violence happening. And Mayor Bruce Harrell isn't so set on leaving it alone any longer.
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At a news conference, Bruce Harrell made it known that in the first three weeks of 2022, officers have had no choice but to make 23 arrests for felonies. Regarding his public safety plan, the Mayor promises that police will keep hanging around high crime areas. This of course is to say that there is some unacceptable developments in the neighborhood.

Mayor Needs To Believe That There Is A Real Separation Between Government And Citizen

Nate Foy, a manager of La Cocina Oaxaquena, says that “I’ve been here for three years and there have been countless incidents where police don’t show up or they show up a little too late.” In that time, there has been eight break-ins. All occurring since the pandemic has begun.

In King County, there’s at least one gun in one of every four households. The risk of firearm suicide among the youth is 9x higher when the firearms are stored without a lock. There are about 39,000 kids in King County that live in homes with unlocked firearms. Throughout the whole state of Washington, guns have been involved in a whopping total of 84 incidents during the 2011-2012 school year.

Violence is nothing new to Seattle, unfortunately. A local of the Washingtonian town, Mark Leffingwell plead guilty to participating in the January 6th U.S. Capitol Riot of 2021. So if that’s what we’re dealing with from afar, imagine what you’re dealing with right in your own backyard.

Mayor Harrell has taken this issue very seriously. “Let’s be clear: none of these are ‘random’ acts of gun violence. In every case, an individual with malice, fear or hatred in their heart had access to a deadly weapon. To address the root causes of gun violence, we need to also address the ease and overabundance of guns in our city and society.”

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