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Maserati Revamps the MC20 with a turbo-charged Project24 Trim

You are currently viewing Maserati Revamps the MC20 with a turbo-charged Project24 Trim
The Maserati MC20 is only getting better with the Project24.
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Maserati is seemingly reliable brand of auto that can be made with the most well-made materials and now they introduce a brand new model: that being the Maserati MC20. It’s a great supercar design and now it involves a new engine. That being the Nettuno 3.0-liter V-6 engine. This vehicle has now been tuned to make a 740-horsepower output with a 119-horsepower increase. Furthermore, this is all thanks to new turbochargers. It’s very clearly the strongest model that can be produced, as it comes with a carbon fiber body and monocoque as well as ventilated Brembo brakes and a FIA-grade roll cage and slick racing tires.

Project24 is an exclusive trim of the MC20 to the track setting. It’s an MC20 that comes sporting a very fearless design as a svelte supercar that comes with an impressive outpouring of.

The MC20 is likely to become even more extremes, while Maserati makes it known that the Project24 is an exclusive supercar based upon the MC20, while wielding a sharp design.

What can be said about Project24? It’s well constructed around a carbon fiber monocoque with rather strong-looking bodywork found in carbon fiber. Maserati has revealed about three different renderings unveiling the Project24’s rear wing, while also allowing for the thin LED headlights and taillights to shine through. One might be quick to notice that there’s a boxy rear diffuser, with center-mounted exhaust pipes and other ventilations being carved into the two-door body.

Maserati is only going to get better with Project24.

With the MC20, one is able to access the eight-speed dual clutch transmission being properly traded for a six-speed sequential racing gearbox operating throughout paddle shifters. There’s the mechanical limited slip-differential that replaces the MC20 electronically controlled unit. Of course, Project24 is utilizing the rear wheel drive. Maserati looks to keep the dry weight way below 2755 pounds, making it bout 500 pounds lighter than the dry weight that was previously MC20.

Project24 has been created with regards with FIA safety requirements, with a roll cage inside the cabin. The interior also involves racing seats with six-point harnesses, as well as an adjustable pedal box and steering column.

Owners are going to have the option to add a rear-view camera, tire-pressure monitoring system and in-car camera, as well as telemetry recording. This is relatively surprising given that the Project24 will also come with air conditioning. Maserati believes that they’ll build 62 units with Project24 without any timeline specific for the release. Of course, the real-world images are all to be revealed in due time.

You can bet that this car will be everything that Maserati has been working towards with FIA safety requirements, with a roll cage inside the cabin. Of course, one has to credit the slick racing tires. The Brembo brakes provide immense stopping power, while adding the unequal-length control arm suspension with adjustable dampers and front and rear anti-roll bars controlling the Project24. Maserati believes that they will get through just fine on their own. The MC20 Project24 Maserati is surely one of the most indelible models to ever race on a track.

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