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Man Shot By Police In Seattle

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On Saturday a man with a knife was reported trying to steal a car on the top of Queen Anne hill in Seattle. The man appeared to be James Slade, 31, who was wanted nationwide. For not reporting to his community corrections officer, authorities issued a warrant for his arrest. When Seattle police caught up with Slade, they demanded he put his weapon down. Despite this, he continued approaching an officer with a knife. The police had to use guns and the suspect was shot 20 seconds after the first encounter. As can be heard on the footage from the dashcam video, he pleaded with the officers to “kill him”.


Slade was not fatally injured, and the police arrested him. It was the fifth time he got into shooting with police officers in the last six months.


The suspect is currently in the hospital in critical condition although the police say his life is not at risk.

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  1. David Wheeler

    Police shootings are always tragic but it sounds like this guy has mental health issues. When he recovers, I hope he gets the health he needs.

  2. Ron Farmer

    WOW! He really had a death wish. Definitely a case for mental health treatment and I’m glad to Police restrained themselves and only wounded him.

  3. This man has had five “confrontations” similar to this with police officers? That is horrible! It sounds like this man is suicidal, may get some type of thrill or something with each confrontation, seeks attention, and if he hasn’t had one yet, he needs a psych evaluation really bad. Bravo for the police officers in not killing this man. That is commendable. I guess tasers were out of the question.

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