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Lucid Air Electric Sedan Comes With Big Price Hikes

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The Lucid Air sedan has a new price hike with all of the added features that have been revealed within the 2024 model. However, as it turns out, the prices are even lower than they were before. The Lucid Air has seen a price drop from originally $80,000 to as recent as this year, only $72,000. The vehicle upgrades it’s range to a new boast of 500 miles, per single charge.

The Lucid Air Has Plenty Of New Trims As Well

What’s important to keep in mind about the 2024 Lucid Air Pure RWD is that it comes with a rear-wheel-drive model of the Lucid Air with the caapacity of driving about 410 miles on a single full charge while also showing off enough strength in 430-horsepower of a motor, which begins at about $71,400. Of course, that tends to cost unless than the 2023 model. And because of the steep drop in price, the Lucid Air Pure AWD comes with an additional drive motor. This allows for 60 horsepower to be added for a grand total of 480 horsepower.

Further up the food chain, the Air Touring trim brings in another mile of range and even a power bump of 620 horsepower with a standard AWD drive with a dual-motor setup.

But rather you wouldn’t have to pay 10.1 percent less than the original qunatity from 2023, in the quantity of $79,400. In addition, the Air Grand Touring receives a small price drop instead of the Air lineup. The EV GT luxury sedan will cost so much to the quantity of $112,400 in 2023, where in 2024, it might just cost a lot less. The sedan will be generating around 819-horsepower on a 500-mile range. Sure it’ll cost you $111,400, which could become less than a one percent drop. Which is quite a drop versus the quantity in 2023.

Luckily, the Lucid Air Sapphire came with enough horsepower at the range 1,234 horsepower and around 205 miles per hour for the top speed, as they received an unchanged price. The luxury EV sedan, as it costs only $250,500, as it arrives to 60 miles per hour in only less than 2.0 seconds, while reaching a range of 427 miles on only one sinle full charge.

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