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Lexus Could be Working on a New Baby SUV Based on Yaris

You are currently viewing Lexus Could be Working on a New Baby SUV Based on Yaris
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Lexus is, in fact, gearing up for its future range that will include 10 new hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and BEV models by 2025. There is a new report from the Japanese magazine called Mag X that is, in fact, going on to suggest that Lexus is working on a small hybrid SUV. This SUV is based on the Toyota Yaris Cross. This vehicle is designing for the European, Japanese, and Australian markets.

Lexus Baby SUV

Moreover, the conversation for a Lexus baby SUV was initiated in 2015. It was at the unveiling of the LF-SA design study. The rumors came back stronger in 2020. This was after the premiere of the Toyota Yaris Cross. Then a few months later, the carmaker did trademark the LBX name. It could be used for the alleging new model.


Moreover, the new B-SUV would slot below the UX in Lexus’ range.

In fact, while it is not so relevant for the US market, this segment is very popular in Europe. It is where almost all automakers are offering at least one jacked-up supermini. They have a more roomy interior and daring styling. Moreover, the rumored Lexus LBX would have close dimensions with the Yaris Cross. It does measure 4,180 mm (164.6 inches) long, 1,765 mm (69.5 inches) wide, and 1,560 mm (61.4 inches) tall.

Lexus: GA-B Platform

Based on a GA-B platform is what the report says about the baby Lexus. It would use the same hybrid sets up with the Yaris Cross. Moreover, it would combine the three-cylinder 1.5 VVT-i engine with two (FWD) or three electric motors (AWD-i), producing 114hp (85 kW / 116 PS) and 120 Nm (88.5 lb-ft). They will be enough to rival the likes of the DS 3 Crossback. However, those specs won’t impress premium buyers.

LF-Z Electrified Concept

The Lexus has confirmed that they will be launching a production version of the LF-Z Electrified concept. It will be their first EV. Moreover, it will share the bones of the upcoming Toyota bZ4X. In fact, there are rumors of a GR86-based Lexus. It was after a prototype was spied.

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