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A Lawyer Arrested for Attempted Bank Robbery in Everett

You are currently viewing A Lawyer Arrested for Attempted Bank Robbery in Everett
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EVERETT, Washington — An Everett lawyer has been arrested in what police describe as an attempted bank robbery on December 13.


The Daily Herald reports that Richard Evan Kriger had a fake beard, dark glasses and gloves when he showed up at a Banner Bank branch on December 13, with a note demanding tens of thousands of dollars.


Court documents say Kriger surrendered when police gathered on the bank. Investigators said he gave a convoluted story that a troubled relative who was outside the bank would start shooting people if Kriger didn’t go through with it.


But police said Kriger could not explain why he had a covering.


Kriger completed a two-year suspension for mismanaging a trust account involving his son is 2016 and is considered to be a civil attorney. Prosecutor says Kriger still owes $50,000, roughly the amount that was demanded in the robbery.


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