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Kia Drops The Rio Off The Lineup

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Kia has come to realize that their small vehicle, Rio is the most recent example of small vehicles to be discontinued in the United States. The small sedan and hatchback won’t likely come back for the 2024 model year.

As well as we know, Rio has been one of the few remaining under $20,000 cars around in the United States for the 2023 model year.

All in one fell swoop, the Mitsubishi Mirage and the Kia Rio are both amongst the three few cars around. And pretty soon, the Nissan Versa will be the only under-$20,000 car available as a new car to purchase. Nissan has yet to provide further information.

Throughout July, Kia has been able to only sell about 16,554 units of the Rio, which shows mainly a two-percent decline in comparison to the year before.. But rio hasn’t ever been the top-performer for Kia’s most well-sold vehicles. And this is all to say the lower price margin will show a slimmer result. Meanwhile, the Forte Sedan is looking like the cheaper model in all the lineup. Keep in mind it starts up at $20,815 throughout the 2023 model year, while 2024’s pricing has yet to be announced.

Kia is a strong competitor. It will land on it’s two front tires before long.

Kia should not be underrated like this. It should be a respected company that sells out every vehicle it produces on a massive scale. And if that’s not quite what’s happening, well then it’s not fair to anyone. Kia has long been the absolute best car brand, as it shows in the proof of the Rio. The Rio has a low starting price as well as huge fuel economy estimates, with easy-going handling and comfy ride strength, while it also doesn’t quite come as easily equipped with driver-assistance features, besides a rearview camera. The engine does produce a loud noise under the proper acceleration while plenty of wind and road noises also enter the Rio. Plus, the rear seats could be confused for a tight fit, but it still works.

Kia is a real strong vehicle as it produces at least a number two on the national ranking of the Subcompact Cars category. Kia has many different demographics that genuinely want to see the Rio strongly generative of the right energy. The Kia Rio is pretty peppy, similar to the incredibly refreshing Mini Cooper which produces a zippiness.

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