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James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 Sold At $3.2 Million

You are currently viewing James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 Sold At $3.2 Million
This Aston Martin DB5 is sold for a high-price for a reason.
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Have you ever seen the James Bond movies? There are several trademarks to look out for if you never have that make the films so iconic. The sharpshooting stunts. Beautiful Bond women. “Shaken, not stirred.” And of course, the cars. James Bond always has a killer car. Such as with the Aston Martin DB5. This vehicle has been built for the 2021 James Bond No Time To Die. And that was Daniel Craig’s last James Bond movie. So this being one of the last autos he used, it has already been sold for a dastardly amount. Specifically, $3,209,773.17 has been spent on the Aston Martin DB5. But one specific Aston Martin’s DB5 will be heading to charity, while seven others are prop cars yet to have been sold. Every prop car is approximately modified with particularly amazing rotating license plates, pop-out machine guns, retractable headlights and firing prop bomblets.

These Aston Martin DB5s are high-rolling rides!

The proceeds from this particular DB5 sale had been donated to the Prince’s Trust charity. While assisting young people in Britain from the ages of 11 to 30, while there is also donatable money sending to Prince of Wales Charitable Fund to support of former employees of British Intelligence Agencies and Special Forces. The DB5 has fetched high bids for every evening, while they were not the only Bond car sold. Any of the three Astons had been sold at the auction, while being used in No Time To Die. Other cars sold in addition to the DB5 were the V8 Vantage,. The money generated from the auction would be donated to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Another Aston sold had been one of the 25 different Superleggera 007 Editions, made by Aston to celebrate an inclusion of the Superleggera as an inclusion into an iconic franchise. What’s so special about these ones? The DBS-es are featured with a plaque of etched signatures from actress Lashana Lynch, who would drive the car in the film, as well as producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

How cool would it be, in your eyes, to own and operate a road-legal DB5? And to that extent, a non-road legal Bond movie DB5? They’re both incredible cars that are sure to strike fear into any evildoer’s heart. So certainly, you may be best off by saving up some money for the next big Bond car.

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