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Hyundai Staria Rolls Out Various Prices And Variants

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The Hyundai Staria is a dynamic, new van from the Korean car company exclusive to seemingly every country outside of North America. Regardless, it truly is a stunning model from the manufacturer. That’s easy to see with all the versions of the vehicle, which at this point include disesl four-cylinders with manual transmissions or automatic 3.5-liter V-6 with an automatic transmission as well. Vans like these only come by once in a blue moon. That much can be known with the various features it provides.

But truly, Staria is a vehicle primed for various seating arrangements. Such as for two, seven, nine or even eleven individuals. The Premium models have brass chrome trim, relaxation seats, interior ambient lighting, smart power sliding doors and even a Bose sound system. If you know which variant to buy, you might even be able to find the Staria Premium limousine with high roofing and starlights.

Hyundai and their Staria have room for all sorts of possibilities.

All that aside, you can tell that the Staria is just as big as the Kia Carnival, which one can easily tell is about 9.8 inches taller. The cargo volume is variable for certain but the car does have 176.6 cubic feet of storage. 31.5 cubes beyond the Carnival. Starias possess either one of two engines, one being the 172 horsepower 2.2 liter diesel four cylinder or an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Such trims that come from the Hyundai Staria include the Elite, the Highlander and the GLS. It’s sure to be pretty cozy with all the space that’s been made. Certain models also possess the 2.2-liter VGT diesel model as well as the 3.5-liter Smartstream. The diesel might be a little difficult with even an eight-speed automatic. There are so many different configurations that come with the Hyundai Staria, that it’s almost impossible to calculate how much fun you can have in a Hyundai Staria.

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