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Holdings From Hyliion Hang On For The Sake Of EV Trucking

You are currently viewing Holdings From Hyliion Hang On For The Sake Of EV Trucking
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Hyliion Holdings, as many know, is a seller of electrified powertrain solutions. They develop the type of technology necessary to find on most Class 8 trucks that are trying for greener approaches. Yet, there needs to be a convenience, which is why most companies would rather convert pre-existent diesel truck fleets. This is favorable over bringing on a team to build and design electric trucks from scratch. Their first product is available as the V1 Hybrid system, installing itself into a truck with the efforts to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Simpler ways to think about it come from converting a truck into a Prius.

That way, it only uses diesel sparingly. Not only is the powertrain solution for Hyliion passionate for taking guzzling down a peg, but also the design of battery systems, data analytics and control software is noticeably effective.

The hybrid system enables trucks to power on natural gas. This is an effort for Hyliion Holdings to achieve as much performance as diesels.

While Not The Future, Per Se, Hyliion Holdings Knows How To Handle It As A Solution

Their Hypertruck ERX system makes big demands for infrastructure, fuel availability and performance alike. Sure, their stock dipped a bit from 70% after Nikola went through their troublesome scandal. That doesn’t make the people at Hyliion morons.

Furthermore, such software uses a fully-electric powertrain with a generator that procures enough energy to help out with the battery system to maintain a consistent charge all the way through.

Several benefits to their Hypertruck ERX system include the significant performance that it allows the trucks with range and payload capacity. Additionally, the infrastructure is already present for refueling to be plenty capable. In the interim, it’s a prediction that the cost will land between $7 and $12 billion dollars for hydrogen / electric efforts to reach natural gas.

But there’s hope, nonetheless.

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