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Happiness By The Mile: An Uplifting YouTube Channel On Trucking

You are currently viewing Happiness By The Mile: An Uplifting YouTube Channel On Trucking
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It’s a long and rough road when it comes to looking for solace on the trails of trucking. Luckily, for this generation, there’s a woman named Shelby that runs her very own YouTube channel, all about trucking. Think of it as a unique travel vlog with sixteen wheels. In a world so dismal, Happiness By The Mile is all you may need to feel a litte sunshine to underneath the harrowing glow of the current times in which we live in. Therefore, its likely that you may enjoy a certain selection from the YouTube channel itself.

So Here Are Some Select Shelbies From Happiness By The Mile…

Staying Safe Through The Pandemic

Obviously, her video detailing how not to get sick during the pandemic is a must-see. In it, she’s taking her Western Star over during the beginning of the Coronavirus. And while she does, she talks about proper cleaning habits of the vehicle, sleep schedule adjustments, and precautions to take when traveling from state to state. It’s almost shocking to see how barren the highways are during travel. She even provides a link to tips about cleanliness.

Happiness By The Mile Goes Through Yellowstone

Here, Shelby gets sincere about the intricacies of trucker politics when first starting. From taking care of her loads to driving 600-miles, Shelby, though she’s a self-proclaimed amateur, approaches runs as an expert. It’s admirable how focused she is on the road. And the cinematography in this one is especially breathtaking. Yellowstone National Park could only be a dream to travel through. The US routes are damned, because she, like all good truckers, finds ways to appreciate the work at hand.

Tractor Recovery Is A Discovery Of Danger!

Trucking is no easy task. Especially when you have to recover a tractor. In a special three-parter that deserves more eyes than a Bachelor finale, Shelby finds herself trying to snag a tractor. In the rescue, she runs into such scary circumstances like airport baggage loading, driving a jeep, and feeding food to the cameraman! Not to mention the truck itself was not starting well. Oh, and a winter storm. So much respect for her existence in trying hard for tractor recovery.

The Trucker Life is not an easy one, but you can find joy even in the darkest corners. Here is her site full of info. beneficial for truckers to be.

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