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Governor Jay Inslee Says That A Drought Is Going To Hit The City Badly

You are currently viewing Governor Jay Inslee Says That A Drought Is Going To Hit The City Badly
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As if things couldn’t get more inconvenient, Seattle is said to be hit with a bad drought this year. Governor Jay Inslee himself has said so. And you know that when he says something, it tends to have a lot of weight to it. There indeed is a drought emergency declaration that was made lately. By lately, I mean Wednesday. In which, there’ll be a hyperactive fire season in the state of Washington. Well, that’s a surprise. It makes me wonder, “why didn’t they predict this before the pandemic hit?” Kinda silly of the government anyway.

The Department of Ecology director, Laura Watson has said this alongside the governor. “This is the summer of climate change.” He claims that probably with a frog in his throat. When you think about it, Governor Jay Inslee isn’t always entirely sure about what he’s talking of. But if he’s got a DOE director next to him, then the declaration is just as applicable as it should be for Tacoma, and Everett as well. In this case, the drought is looking to deplete the water to below 75% of average. This is surely something that many haven’t really wanted to deal with for so long.

Furthermore, the Department of Ecology is prompting Governor Jay Inslee to take precautionary measures. In which case, it means temporal transferring of water rights and funding assistance for public entities as well. This hasn’t quite happenned since 2015 and 2019. So for this to be announced now? It’s a little suspicious. One would even assume that the Governor is very unassuming until proven otherwise.

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