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Got ELD? Then Get Prepared for Higher Charges!

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You like it or not ELDs are on their way. Do you think it’s a good news? Charges would go up. Here are the reasons why.
One of the disadvantages of ELD is that you cannot drive as many miles in a day as you did with the paper log. This is especially true when you have a strict time schedule when you hold for any reason as well as when you need additional time for parking.


If you have been using paper logs you already know that usually, you need to do some “editing” of the logs.
In order to get some benefits as an owner-operator, you need to cover your expenses. This include driver pays, even when you are the driver. Here are the two ways to do that:

1) Drive more miles
2) Charge a higher rate for each mile
The paper logs can provide flexibility, up to a point to gain sufficient time to run those extra miles, but ELDs are not flexible.


Fortunately, there will be less competition and a lot of freight available. Trucks will run fewer miles per day every time a driver curtails his day to find a parking before the clock runs out, or a truck gets held overnight because the driver exceeds the hours while waiting at the dock. It will occur many times a day, all over the country, costing an hour here and there.


When everyone is on the time truckers will charge more for everything that will make it harder for them to manage their time. Brokers will pay a premium in order to secure a truck which will meet the shipper’s duty. If the hauler detains your truck you are going to charge him extra for that.

Recommendations How to Win With ELD

1) Reward haulers and brokers for flexibility in pickup and delivery. Also, charge extra when there are strict appointments or the destination is excessive.
2) In advance plan for breaks, fuel stops, and parking. When you run out of hours, you’re out. No more flexibility.
3) Finally, the most important: you should start from now to build relations with professional brokers. They are going to need access to trustworthy carriers, and if they like working with you, they will call you first.


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