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Google Goads Employees Into Hybrid Work While Requiring Vaccinations

You are currently viewing Google Goads Employees Into Hybrid Work While Requiring Vaccinations
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Google is thinking of reverting to a hybrid schedule. They have been thinking of doing that in the Spring of 2021. Of course, the plenty of surges in COVID-19 cases stop the rollout of the plan from a year. Google employees within the area operate on a work-from-home schedule.

The company plans have a lot of Seattle and Kirkland employees divvying up their time between the workweek in three days of in-person work while having two days from home to work as well.

Google has spoken to speak about it in detail. “Googlers can also work from the office more often if they choose, and some roles may need to be onsite more than three days a week due to the nature of their work.” A King County vaccine verification policy mentions that it’s not in effect anymore, so the company themselves is planning to require any employee that is working onsite in the area to give proof of vaccination or “approved accomodations” for those with “medical or other protected reasons.”

Google wants people to be safer.

It seems that additional accommodations will be in need to submit regular COVID-19 testing and will wear a mask for working in person.

Tech companies in the area are all very similar with plans to allow for hybrid work schedules. Amazon, Facebook, and so many other companies have been committed to allowing company employees to work from home in the next decade.

This is all very easy on individuals who themselves have not nearly as much protection as it also offers the option to work from home or to work from the office under the proper parameters.

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