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GMC Yukon Denali is Luxurious and Enabled With Super Cruise

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If you haven't already seen, the Yukon Denali from GMC has really kicked it up a notch with the latest incarnation of cozy excellence.
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GMC is well known for their aggressive and unbeatable entries into rugged luxury. And the Yukon Denali Ultimate is no different. It’s a strong vehicle that features a relatively obscure chrome design on the exterior and a leather interior. Of course, when you look at the front seats, you can feel about 16 different ways of massage functions. There are even speakers that you can find built into the headrests.

Certainly, the GMC Yukon Denali has some of the classiest design you can find on a GMC model. Of course, what’s fantastic about this GMC Yukon Denali is that it shows exterior differences along with updated technology to quite the luxurious Denali.

What you may not realize is that the Super Cruise function is a major addition to the driver assistance features. Along with 18 speakers through the Bose sound system, there are also screens attaching to the back of front seats. As far as underneath the hood, there comes the 6.2-liter V-8 engine with an optionality of Duramax 3.0-liter turbodiesel along with engines mated to about 10-speed automatic transmissions.

This is all relatively up-to-date, and therefore, will likely impress the masses. All while GMC has the fall to release the Yukon Denali Ultimate. GMC isn’t quite yet there in releasing the pricing, but considering that the pickup-truck sibling has about $20,000 premium past the standard Sierra Denali, there’s a good chance the Yukon Denali Ultimate will cost about $92,000. Did I mention that automatic lane changing and auto-tow settings are also involved?

What else is new about this GMC model?

GMC touts the wheels as a brand new innovation. Incorporating seven spokes in the design, the wheels show off a little more complication than that. There are seven split main spokes and seven split recessed spokes, with a higher spoke count than ever before. As a result, the finish has an ultra-bright surface, complete with bright chrome accents and dark paint around the center.

Additionally, it’s worth talking about the Super Cruise.

This hands-off feature can allow you to steer, accelerate and brake on compatible roads. The new system is capable enough to handle driving while towing a trailer. Certainly, it’s the first on the Yukon, while also possibly being an option on the upcoming Ultimate.

Are we peaking with this brand new GMC Yukon Denali? For certain we are. It’s more luxurious than it could have been back when it was a new model at the dealerships, but as the times change, so do people. And these people are very clearly attesting to the fact that they need more accessories in their autos. It’s just a good thing GMC is proving to be a qualified provider of this extra stuff.

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