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GM Double-Times Hydrogen Generators To Make EV Chargers Portable

You are currently viewing GM Double-Times Hydrogen Generators To Make EV Chargers Portable
General Motors is creating hydrogen-powered generators.
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GM works with Renewable Innovations to build some tools to be useful. This would be true in the form of the Hydrotec hydrogen fuel-cell technology for generators. The automaker’s mobile power generator (MPG) with Empower rapid charger offers ways to charge more than 100 EVs or more minus the refill or taps in the electric grid. In that case, the U.S. hydrogen infrastructure is still in their baby steps. As a result, the systems don’t tend to be totally cost-effective, but they can still be intriguing. GM is announcing upon that that they’re planning to bring the Hydrotec hydrogen fuel-cell technology to generators. The company is deciding to test the waters with a hydrogen-powered mobile power generator (known as an MPG.) This would therefore create a rapid charger called Empower.

GM is looking towards multiple cases for Hydrotec-based generators. In such a way, this highlights the technology and their capacity to meet potential in order to service gas stations to transition towards electric-vehicle charging stations. GM sees the versatile MPG to play a military role. In that sense, the prototype can be designed to provide power towards temporary camps.

GM Cares To Charge Vehicles Easily

The MPG has a potential role in itself as a mobile fast charger for the most interesting EVs. This is as clearly described by Charles Freese, who happens to be the GM executive director for the global fuel-cell business. Furthermore, the MPG can give the ability to add the EV fast charger minus the need to connect towards a grid. This is also through a means of installing fixed charging stations. The Empower rapid charger can take the basic concept of the MPG well. This is for the fast-charge of four EVs all at once. The internal hydrogen tanks come in at full capacity shows that the rapid charger is able to charge upwards of 100 cars, minus the refill.

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